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My Story

My name is Matthew Nelson, I am a young entrepreneurship and investor eager to learn as much as I can about entrepreneurship and investing. I aspire to learn from others who have lived a life full of freedom and choice. My interest in business has been alive since a young age and has since sprouted during the pandemic.

How It Started

I started Matthew's Millions in 2020. In the beginning, I had an Instagram page and nothing else. I wanted to grow a following around what investments I was making. My cousin, Tommy Humphreys taught me the importance of networking and how anyone can do it. As the pandemic approached, I found myself with a lot more free time. That's when I expanded on my Instagram page and built a website around what I was doing.  As my following grew and I started to meet people in the Vancouver business scene, I created my podcast, Behind Success. Since then, I have been able to grow a following over multiple platforms and have had the opportunity to talk to many business icons.


Matthew's Millions was started to allow me to build connections in the business world. Although that still holds true. Now, I look more to inspire people and create value with the content I provide. I am still extremely eager to meet as many people as I can, but I hope my information helps even more.


The Future

In the future, I hope to keep this going as long as possible. I believe if I keep my brand on track the same way I have, it will consistently open up more opportunities for me to dive into. I would love to grow this as large as it can possibly be. For now, as this continues to grow, I want to talk to as many business thought provokers and leaders as I can. The more I learn, the more I can provide. 

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