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Matthew Nelson

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I am a student at Smith School of Business, the co-founder of Reflex Media and the host of Behind Success. Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia by Jennifer Nelson, a marketing and communications wiz and John Nelson, a portfolio manager at Scotia McLeod, investing and business was a topic I saw early interest in. Suddenly, COVID-19 hit and I had free time to learn all I wanted to about making money. With advice and support from my older cousin, Tommy Humphreys, I built my brand which was originally called "Matthew's Millions" to start a following and share my learning experiences. Shortly after that, Behind Success was started and I began to grow my network and partake in investment opportunities. 

After making an investment and taking full ownership of the platform "TSX Penny Stocks," I teamed up with one of my best friends, Lucas Coles and his platform "Canada Stocks" to form Reflex Media. With the help of the network I had previously built, Reflex was off to a fast start and our low prices allowed us to build a clientele quickly. Reflex has continued to expand its umbrella and services since then and will continue to going forward.

With my personal network and Reflex, I had an audience which has allowed me to take part in private equity financings. I hope to continue to grow this network and create a name for myself in the private equity/juniors space for the future.

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